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ATS-1DD Dual-Domain Audio Analyzer

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Product Description & Specs

The Audio Precision ATS-1 audio analyzer is available as a dual domain instrument. A dual domain audio analyzer provides full generation and analysis capabilities in both the analog domain and the digital domain, simultaneously. Why is this important?

Analog domain
Because high-precision analog audio design offers markedly superior performance to even the best digital implementations in several key areas, especially residual noise and distortion, and high-frequency response.
Most modern competitive audio analyzers are converter-based, without true analog domain generation and analysis. A converter-based analyzer uses ADCs to convert analog input signals for digital analysis and DACs to convert digitally-generated signals for analog output. This technique is easier and less expensive, but at a cost in performance.
Standard band-limiting filters are built in to the analog analyzer in the ATS-1. Included are a high pass at 400 Hz, selectable low pass filters at 22 kHz, 30 kHz and 80 kHz, and selectable weighting filters: ANSI-IEC "A"; CCIR 468-4; CCIR ARM; CCIR RMS.
Digital domain
Digital signal generation and analysis are essential in modern audio, and our ATS-1 Dual Domain provides a solution for testing digital audio as well, at sample rates up to 96 kHz.
Cross domain
Engineers designing digital converters often require cross-domain measurements, where a signal must be generated in the digital domain while the converter's output is measured in the analog domain (or vice versa). Only a dual-domain audio analyzer accomplish this with meaningful results.


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