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EMI/RFI Analyzers & Antennas > EMC Receivers > NSG2025-3 Fast Transient Burst Generator 4.4kV 1MHz 30A 1-Ph by Schaffner

NSG2025-3 Fast Transient Burst Generator 4.4kV 1MHz 30A 1-Ph

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Product Description & Specs

The Schaffner NSG 2025 is a high end burst generator and the choice for users who need the maximum in pulse amplitude/frequency capabilities, flexibility, coupling network features and EUT connectivity. Based on a 'buildingblock' concept, the Schaffner NSG 2025 lets you select and combine pulse generator, coupling and EUT adapters to create a flexible, upgradeable EMC test work station to match your needs today and into the future. It covers all the widely used burst test specifications of IEC, EN, ANSI-IEEE as well as the known extended manufacturer's requirements.

The Schaffner NSG 2025 offers the most extensive range of pulse voltages and burst frequencies available in a single instrument. Pulses can be coupled into the mains supply voltage or applied as a pure high voltage for data and signal line testing.

Pre-programmed IEC standard tests are available at the touch of a button and pulse parameters are user configurable - manually via front panel control or via PCWindows software control. Not only does the Schaffner NSG 2025 meet all the requirements of current world test standards with comfortable margins, it also anticipates likely future modifications with functions including a user-configurable burst frequency to 1MHz and extended selectable coupling modes.

Unit Power: 100 - 115 V and 220 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Pulse Amplitude: 200 V to 4.5 or 8 kV (open circuit) adjustable in steps of 20 V
Polarity: positive or negative, selectable
Rise Time: 5ns ?20% (50 W, 10 - 90%)
Pulse Width: 50ns ?30% (50 W and 1 W), 100ns ?50% open circuit
Pulses Per Packet: 1 to 150 pulses
Burst Duration: Pulses per packet / burst frequency, (15ms burst duration as per IEC 1000-4-4 up to 10 kHz)
Burst Repetition: 100ms to 10s ?2ms or 2%
Impedance: 50 W ?20%
Coupling Network: 1-phase or 3-phase
EUT Supply: Switched by remote control, 24 to 500 Vac, 50 - 60 Hz
Coupling Modes: Line to reference ground (IEC 1000-4-4), selected lines together to reference ground, all lines to reference ground (common mode)
Phase Angle: Asynchronous/synchronous 0 - 360? ?2?
Coupling Capacitance: 33 nF
Decouple Attenuation: >20 dB
Cross Talk Attenuation: >30 dB
Weight: 55.1 lbs (25 Kg)

NSG2025 3

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