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Amplifiers > Lockin Amplifiers > SR810 DSP Lock-In Amplifier 1 MHz To 102.4 KHz by Stanford Research Sys

SR810 DSP Lock-In Amplifier 1 MHz To 102.4 KHz

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Product Description & Specs

The SR810 Lock-In Amplifier and SR830 Lock-In Amplifier provide high performance at a reasonable cost. The SR810 displays magnitude only. This instrument use digital signal processing (DSP) to replace the demodulators, output filters, and amplifiers found in conventional lock-ins. The SR810 provides uncompromised performance with an operating range of 1 mHz to 102 kHz and 100 dB of drift-free dynamic reserve.

Lock-In Amplifier
SR810 100 kHz DSP lock-in amplifier
1 mHz to 102.4 kHz frequency range
>100 dB dynamic reserve
5 ppm/?C stability
0.01 degree phase resolution
Time constants from 10 ?s to 30 ks
(up to 24 dB/oct rolloff)
Auto-gain, -phase, -reserve and -offset
Synthesized reference source
GPIB and RS-232 interfaces

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