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Meters > Phase Angle Voltmeters / Indicators > 1253 Gain-Phase Analyzer by Schlumberger

1253 Gain-Phase Analyzer

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Product Description & Specs

The 1253 Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) is an instrument that is capable of meeting today's measurement requirements for dynamic system analysis. Using the single Sine Correlation technique (SSC), it provides precise data relating to the gain and phase between any points in a dynamic system. This instrument enables engineers to perform searching analysis to assess performance of both simple or complex systems.


AC amplitude range - 0 to 10.23Vrms
Sine, square and triangle waveforms
Frequency range 1mHz to 20kHz
Transfer function accuracy 1%, 1?

Simplified version of the 1250. Frequency Range: 1mHz to 20KHz. Internal sinewave source. Digital sweep. Two independent channels. GP-IB.

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