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AC Power Supplies > AC Sources > 5001IM AC Power Source 5000 VA 16 - 500Hz 0 - 270VAC 1 by California Instruments

5001IM AC Power Source 5000 VA 16 - 500Hz 0 - 270VAC 1

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Product Description & Specs

The iM Series offers a range of compact, high output AC power units that can be combined to provide up to 15 kVA in a small package. Offering 3 or 5 kVA per unit in a cabinet height of only 7 inches, the iM Series represents the most compact manually controlled frequency changer available today. The iM Series uses simple manual controls for voltage, frequency and current limit.
Controller Capabilities
The iM Series uses a crystal controlled precision sinewave oscillator to produce a low distortion AC output signal. Using simple rotary knobs and toggle switches, all output settings can be controlled easily from the front panel. A digital panel meter displays the output voltage for monitoring purposes.
Exclusive Features
? Simple front panel operation
? Digital panel meter voltage readback
? Modern pulse width modulated (PWM) frequency converter design
? Drive non-linear loads without derating
? Full output power with 0 to 1 power factor
? Drive high inrush current input stages
? High peak current capability with up to 5:1 crest factor
? Panel height of 7 inches saves on rack space
208 - 240 VAC, L-L, Three phase, 3 wire + GND

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