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Analyzers > Communications Analyzers > 2230 E1 Data Communications Analyzer (2000 Test Pad) by TTC / Acterna

2230 E1 Data Communications Analyzer (2000 Test Pad)

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Product Description & Specs

The 2230 E1/Data Communications Analyzer provides all necessary test functions and
interfaces to install, commission, and maintain Digital Leased Line, ISDN PRA, CAS,
DASS2, and Frame Relay services. This solution lowers the cost of providing and maintaining business services. Physical and service layer problems are solved quickly; service performance is proven rapidly and consistently. Reducing the amount of equipment field engineers need to carry results in lower purchasing and whole-life costs.
· 2M
· Datacom
· SYS App
· VF

· E1 and Data Physical Layer Testing
· DCE and DTE Testing
· Service Layer Testing
· Signaling Based Services Access Testing
· Installation and Commissioning
· In-service Monitoring and Trouble Shooting
· Frame Relay Installation and Commissioning

TTC2000 Power Requirements
Battery Requirement: 11 V Battery Life: 2 hrs
TTC2000 Physical Dimensions
· Width: (N/A)
· Height: 190 mm(7.48 in)
· Length: 57 mm(2.24 in)
· Weight: 2.3 kg(5.07 lb)

E-mail or call us at 800-582-8378 for more information.

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