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Television & Video > NTSC / PAL Monitors > VM700T 01-11-1S-48 NTSC / Pal Video Test Set by Tektronix

VM700T 01-11-1S-48 NTSC / Pal Video Test Set

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Product Description & Specs

Digital Waveform Monitor
Digital Vectorscope
Picture Display
Group Delay and Frequency Response
Noise Measurement Set
Automatic Measurement Set
Measurements include ICPM,K Factor,Differential,Gain and Phase,Chrominan? ce to Luminance Delay,Noise Spectrum,Group Delay with Sin x/x
Color Bars
Relative to Reference on Most Measurements
Configurable for All Standard Test Signals
Parallel and Serial Printer Ports
Three Input Channels
Channel Difference Modes
External VGA Display Port
Fully Documented Remote Control Operation
Hardcopy for Analysis and Documentation
Serial Digital Option
Options 1S and 2S are new VM700T, VMTB and VMUPG upgrade options that add a state-of-the-art serial digital video acquisition and analyzer module to a VM700T, Turbo version VM700A or standard VM700A video measurement set, providing the capability to display, capture and analyze the 270 and 360 Mbit 525 line and 625 line serial component and 143 Mbit 525 line serial composite digital video signal with unprecedented ease and accuracy. Now, for the first time, comprehensive analysis of analog video signals and serial digital video signals is possible in a single package that is the recognized leader in automatic video measurement sets worldwide. The features built into the new VM700T/A series SDI analyzer module are the result of years of experience with professional television organizations, and in the designing and manufacture of advanced waveform/ vector monitors and automatic analyzers for the serial digital video operating environment.

VM700T 01 11 1S 48

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