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Analyzers > Communications Analyzers > SJ300E 04-06 Jitter & Wander Analyzer by Tektronix

SJ300E 04-06 Jitter & Wander Analyzer

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Product Description & Specs

The SJ300E offers complete generation and measurement of phase jitter parameters on SDH/SONET signals up to 622 Mb/s. In addition, it generates and analyzes line and synchronization signal wander in SDH/SONET systems. Option 04 provides OC1/3/12, STM-1/4 Optical. Option 06 provides DS!,E1, 51-622MB Wander Test.

Generates and Measures Jitter on SDH/SONET Optical Inputs, up to 622 Mb/s
Measures Jitter Generation, Transfer and Tolerance
Stores and Executes Test Sequences for Jitter Tolerance and Transfer Testing
Detects and Records Jitter Hits
Generates and Measures Wander on 1.544 Mb/s and 2.048 MHz Synchronizatio? n Signals
Generates and Measures Jitter Up to 622 Mb/s
Wander Option (Opt. 06) Includes PC Software for Uploading, Calculating and Analyzing Wander Data
Data Correlation Method Used to Measure Jitter Transfer Provides Superior Accuracy
Measures and Generates Wander on SDH/SONET Lines
Tests Conformance to all ANSI, Bellcore and ITU-T Timing Standards CCITT G.958, CCITT G.703, ITU-T G.813 July 95, Bellcore GR-253-CORE (TR-NWT-000253), ANSI T1.101 and ANSI T1.120
RS-232 and GPIB Interfaces for Remote Operation
Real Time Wander Analysis and Display
Adapter Available for STSX-1 and STSX-3 (STM-1e) Analysis

SJ300E 04 06

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