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Television & Video > NTSC / PAL Generators > SDA601 Serial Digital Analyzer by Tektronix

SDA601 Serial Digital Analyzer

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Product Description & Specs

The SDA601 Serial Digital Analyzer features rapid analysis of the incoming digital television signal with the push of a button, quickly identifying data errors and indicating the presence and status of SMPTE RP165 and other ancillary (ANC) data signals. The analysis results may be displayed on the built-in LCD screen, on a picture monitor or transferred directly to a printer or PC for further analysis. The SDA601 may also be operated in a watch mode, reporting errors as they occur.

The SDA601 also offers a suite of individual checks, including strength of the incoming data signal, data and video format type, presence and status of embedded audio channels and position and validity of data timing signals.
Video Format Analysis
Data Format Analysis
Transport Layer Analysis
Picture Monitor Output
Signal Strength
Data Word Value

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