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DC Power Supplies > DC Power Supplies > BOSS20-10-1-D-PM Bipolar Operational Source-Sink ±0 - 20V 0 - 10A by Electronic Measurements

BOSS20-10-1-D-PM Bipolar Operational Source-Sink ±0 - 20V 0 - 10A

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Voltage: 20
Amperage: 10
VA: 200

Product Description & Specs

A Bipolar Operational SourcelSink power supply that provides a dozen functions in addition to delivering DC voltage and current
Four modes of operation
A bipolar power supply, delivering a positive or negative voltage
An operational power supply
A sourcing power supply, delivering positive and negative current when the supply is the voltage driving source for the current
A sinking power supply, dissipating power from the load within the power supply itself
- -- More than - -- - a dozen functions
DC power supply
Electronic load
Voltage source
Power-pulse generator
Current source
Power-function generator direct-coupled amplifier
Variable-gain amplifier
Fast-slewing power supply
DC amplifier
AC power supply
Differential amplifier
Signal-inverting amplifier

BOSS20 10 1 D PM

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