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Generators > Function Generators > 395 02 Universal Waveform Generator 1uHz - 40MHz 100ms/s by Wavetek

395 02 Universal Waveform Generator 1uHz - 40MHz 100ms/s

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Product Description & Specs

The Wavetek 395 Synthesized Universal Waveform Generator provides the functionality of seven instruments for the price of one. You can use it as an arb, pulse generator, function generator, noise generator, sweep generator, trigger generator, or modulation source. Whatever the mix of your applications, the 395 is the best price/performance choice. The latest digital technology, coupled with Fluke's innovative design, means that the 395 can provide the functionality of seven instruments for the price of one. The 100 MS/s 395 has the power and flexibility to provide the right signals for applications ranging from in-circuit testing of semiconductors to the complex pulse patterns required in communication testing. And no other waveform generator provides such an easy and low-cost solution to performance characterization testing of all kinds of electronic devices.

Universal signal source
High-speed performance
100 MS/s sampling clock
12-Bit vertical resolution
16 Standard functions
Pulse train generator
Function generator including:
Sine waves to 40 MHz
Option 02=256k extended memory
Square waves to 50 MHz
Triangle waves to 10 MHz
Internal/external AM and internal FM modulation
Sweep, trigger, and gate operation
Waveform linking and summing
Compatible with WaveForm DSP2
SCPI compatible

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