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Lightwave > Lightwave Power Meters & Sources > J1810 Chromaticity Head for J18 by Tektronix

J1810 Chromaticity Head for J18

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Product Description & Specs

The J1810 measures color coordininates in the 1931 CIE and 1976 CIE-UCS chromaticity systems. Color coordinates and automatically computed and displayed in either x and y or u' and v' units. Lumininance in candela/m2 or foot lamberts may also be measured.
Measurement: Chromaticity, Luminance. Applications: Displays, Television. Ranges(with J18):.001 to .999 x,y and u', v' , .3 to 1000 candelas/m2(Nit), .1 to 300 foot lamberts. Acceptance angle: 16 degrees.

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