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Lightwave > Lightwave Power Meters & Sources > J18 Tek Lumacolor Photometer by Tektronix

J18 Tek Lumacolor Photometer

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Product Description & Specs

The Tektronix J18 is a handheld digital Photometer/Radiometer/Colorimete? r for the laboratory, field or production area. The system consists of the J18 handheld meter an one of 7 interchangeable heads.
Interchangeable Pre-calibrated Heads
Accurate Spectral and Cosine Corrections
Metric and English Units User Selectable
Large LCD with Backlight
Rugged-Handheld-Battery Operated
Real-time Color Measurements
Ten Memories for Storing Refence Colors(with J1810 color head)
RGB Bar Graphs
D6500 Kelvin Calibration
Color Temperature Measurement
Full Control of Measurements and Output of Results(RS232)
Analog Output

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