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Lightwave > Lightwave Components & Polarizers > 3150 Advanced High-Power Temperature Controller by Newport Labs

3150 Advanced High-Power Temperature Controller

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Product Description & Specs

The Model 3150 Temperature Controller provides a 350 W bipolar output for operation with thermoelectric (TE) coolers. Active power management of the output DC power supply reduces unnecessary power dissipation resulting in increased temperature stability and higher reliability. Full 16-bit control and characterization of the TE module and temperature sensor is attainable via the IEEE-488 or RS-232 interfaces. LabVIEW drivers are included with the computer interfaces as a standard feature.
All pertinent TE cooler parameters ITE, VTE, temperature sensor (?C, R, Amp, or Volts) are measured and simultaneously presented on the four line alphanumeric LCD display. All standard temperature sensors including thermistors, platinum RTD, AD590/592 and LM335 IC sensors are supported without the need for additional interface units. Sensor calibration constants are easily programmed for direct readout in ?C.
A proportional-integral (P-I) control circuit is implemented in the Model 3150 that meets all the temperature stabilization requirements for laser diode users.
During operation, the front panel controls can be disabled to prevent any changes in the output by accidental misadjustment of the control knob.
Protection features include: ITE Limit, Hi and Lo Temperature Limits, Sensor Open and TE Open Detection. To prevent noise pickup, either by the output lines or the sensor inputs - resulting in undesirable temperature oscillations - shielded cables are also available.

Key Features
15 A/23 V, low noise, bipolar output
Extremely stable, long term drift <0.001?C
Multiple sensors supported: thermistors, RTD, AD590/592, and LM335
Complete characterization of TE cooler (ITE and VTE) versus temperature
Automatic power management and failsafe shutdown

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