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Amplifiers > RF Solid State Amplifiers > 7602 Wide Band Amplifier DC-1MHz 17/34 Watts by Krohn-Hite

7602 Wide Band Amplifier DC-1MHz 17/34 Watts

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Product Description & Specs

The Krohn-Hite Models 7600 and 7602 are 17 and 34 watt, wideband power amplifiers that offer extended output power and voltage capabilities, low distortion, versatility and the latest in hybrid CMOS power operational amplifier technology with performance features not available in other power amplifiers.

MODEL 7600
The Models 7600 provide 17 watts of continuous power (34 watts at dc) and 141V rms from dc to 500kHz. The frequency response of the 7600 is ?0.1dB to 10kHz, and the distortion contributed by the amplifier is <0.01% to 5kHz and <0.3% to 100kHz. The voltage gain can be either inverting or non-inverting and has selectable ranges from 0dB-14dB, 0dB-28dB and 0dB-42dB, and is continuously variable between ranges.

Other features include: modes of A, A-B and -B, common mode rejection of 80dB, input coupling of ac or dc, dc offset control that is variable from 0V to ?200V; an optional meter package that provides a meter for displaying the heat sink temperature in ?C, output peak voltage and average output current.

MODEL 7602
The Model 7602 provides the same performance as the Model 7600 with a differential output and is able to deliver 34 watts of continuous power (68 watts at DC) and 282V rms (800Vp-p). It can also provide plus and minus DC voltages simultaneously.


Output Power: 17 Watts/34Watts
Output Voltage: 141V/282V rms
Frequency Range: DC to 1MHz
Coupling: AC or DC
Gain: up to 42dB
Distortion: <0.01%
DC Offset: ?200V
Load Impedance: Reactive and Resistive

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