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Frequency Counters > Frequency Counters > 53131A 010 Universal Frequency Counter by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

53131A 010 Universal Frequency Counter

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Product Description & Specs

Frequency range: 1Hz to 225MHz with 10-digit/sec resolution. Sensitivity: 20mV, 100MHz; 30mV, 200MHz; 40mV, 225MHz. Measurements: frequency, time interval, ratio, period, phase angle, totalize, peak voltage, pulse parameters. 500ps time interval resolution. HP-IB standard. Options:001 Medium-stability time base...add $425; 010 High-stability time base...add $595 012 High-stability Time Base ...add $1450 030 3GHz channel C...add $595 050 5GHz channel C...add $1450 124 12.4GHz channel C...add $1950

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