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Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D) > RLC Bridges / Meters > 7400 Precision RLC Meter 10Hz - 500KHz by Quadtech

7400 Precision RLC Meter 10Hz - 500KHz

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Product Description & Specs

Measure and display any two of 14 parameters simultaneously. Measurement frequency: 10Hz to 500KHz with 229,900 programmable frequencies. Graphical and tabular display of swept frequency, voltage and current measurements with 7-digit resolution. 0.05% basic accuracy. Interfaces: GP-IB(optional), RS-232, handler, printer port, 3.5" floppy (DOS).


 Measures 14 Impedance Parameters (2 simultaneously)

 0.05% Basic Measurement Accuracy

 229,900 Programmable Frequencies from 10Hz to 500KHz

 AC Test Voltage Programmable from 20mV to 5V

 DC Bias Voltage, 2V Internal or 0 to 200V External

 Fast Measurement Speeds up to 40/Second

 Automatic Open/Short Zeroing Eliminates Connection Errors

 High Resolution LCD with 7 Digit Display

 14 Hi/Lo Sorting Bins for Pass/Fail Testing

 RS-232, IEEE-488, Printer, and PLC Interfaces all Standard

 Results Displayed as Deviation or %Deviation from a Nominal Value

 Internal Storage and Recall of Test Setups

 Constant Voltage Maintained to the Device Under Test

 Ability to Automatically Perform 6 Unique Tests in Sequence

 Keypad Lockout Prevents Changes to the Test Setup

 On site calibration with NIST Traceable Cal Kit

 Programmable Average and Delay Times

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