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Computer Related Equipment > VXI > E1750A VXI Broadband Distribution Amplifier by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

E1750A VXI Broadband Distribution Amplifier

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Product Description & Specs

The Agilent E1750A distribution amplifier is a C-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module. It provides six buffered outputs for distributing clock signals and other sinusoidal signals in laboratory, factory and general ATE environments.

The E1750A satisfies the need for distribution of broadband sinewave signals and precise clock frequencies with high isolation/low crosstalk between output channels. The distribution amplifier preserves input phase and frequency characteristics even in changing environments. The E1750A, along with its companion the Agilent E1752A, provides a complete distribution solution for pulse and sinusoidal signals.

Channel fault alarm
Broadband distribution of sinewave signals
High port-to-port isolation minimizes crosstalk
Built-in AGC eliminates level adjustments
Visual channel-status indicators
Six buffered outputs

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