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DSP100 Digital Cablemeter

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Product Description & Specs

Fluke Networks' DSP Digital CableAnalyzerT Series has an option for every cabling application. Need a low-cost way to test and maintain cabling systems to meet existing Cat 5 standards? Fluke Networks' DSP-100 Digital CableMeter is the perfect choice.

The DSP-100 enables you to certify network cabling at the touch of a button. Based on Fluke Networks' superior digital test technology, the DSP-100 fully complies with all current test standards. It also offers powerful diagnostic capabilities such as the "Time Domain Crosstalk" (TDXT) Analyzer, which quickly pinpoints subtle defects resulting from bad connections, poor workmanship, or improper cabling. The DSP-100 CableMeterr is classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) to deliver TSB-67 Accuracy Level II for the Basic Link and Channel.
Provides auto-diagnostics of cabling faults in graphical and text representations
Provides fast test times: completes test of a 4-pair Cat 5 cable in 17 seconds
Stores 1,150 TIA TSB-67 test results and 600 ISO test results
Monitors traffic on 10BASE-T networks to help you identify if the cable link is the source of the problem
Tests a wide variety of LAN cabling systems: UTP, FTP, STP (IBM type 1, 2, 6, 9), Coax

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