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DC Power Supplies > Electronic Loads > PLZ303W Electronic Load 300 Watt 1.5-120v 0-60a by Kikusui

PLZ303W Electronic Load 300 Watt 1.5-120v 0-60a

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Product Description & Specs

The PLZ-3W Series are composed of system electronic loads used either in characteristic or lifetime tests of a variety of DC voltage sources such as switching power supplies and primary and secondary batteries, or as burn in loads. Instruments in the PLZ Series have four operation modes: "constant current", "constant resistance", "constant voltage", and "constant power". They are also available in four different power ratings, 150 W, 300 W, 600 W, and 1000 W, with a total of eight models available overall. Incorporating a high-performance current control circuit, all instruments provide highly stable, high-speed operation and offer improved operability and multi-functionality through the use of CPU control. These features allow them to simulate actual load tests of power supply units having large transitional changes in their output currents, such as printers and motors. In the constant power mode, these instruments deliver performance in carrying out load tests on alkaline and other types of batteries.


Constant power mode useful for battery discharge tests

Setting of various conditions Variable rise/fall time function

Sequence function that allows complicated current simulations

Setup function and backup memories

Remote sensing that compensates precisely for set values

Trigger signal output useful for waveform monitoring

Three-memory function and switching function

Soft-start function that suppresses output voltage distortion

Short-circuit function that allows instantaneous setting of the maximum current

Parallel operations that offer increased current and power capacities

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