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Analyzers > Spectrum Analyzers > 3588A 003 Spectrum Analyzer 10Hz - 150MHz by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

3588A 003 Spectrum Analyzer 10Hz - 150MHz

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Product Description & Specs

The Agilent 3588A spectrum analyzer provides comprehensive frequency-domain measurements and covers the baseband through IF frequency range of 10 Hz to 150 MHz. The Agilent 3588A offers high-performance spectrum measurements and simple scalar network measurements with its fully-synthesized tracking generator.

Frequency range: 10Hz to 150MHz with ?.5ppm accuracy. Resolution bandwidth: 1.1Hz to 17KHz swept, 11mHz to 360Hz narrow zoom. Display reslution: .001 to 100dB/div. Display units: dBm, Vrms, uVrms, nVrms. Dynamic range: 80 to 112dB. Tracking generator. Floppy drive. HP-IB. Option 003 provides 2Mb additional memory.
Full baseband and IF frequency coverage from 10 Hz to 150 MHz
Accurate measurement of noise, S/N, power, and frequency
Superb frequency resolution to separate signals in high-density channels
Amplitude accuracy of ? 0.25 dB (typical)
Narrowband zoom is fast enough to show you spurious signals from hopping carriers
HP Instrument BASIC provides automated signal monitoring and measurement
Built-in frequency counter for quick signal identification

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