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Calibration Equipment > Lab Standards (R, L, C) > 2724A Resistance Standard by Valhalla

2724A Resistance Standard

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Product Description & Specs

The Valhalla 2724A is a Programmable Resistance Standard. Unlike traditional resistance standards, which are passive devices, the 2724A is an active 4-wire instrument that simulates resistance. It features 9-decade ranges from 120 Ohms to 11 Gohm. Resistances may be set to 6.5 digits within each range. This flexibility permits testing at decade increments of other than 1 such as 1.9. This permits testing at close to full-scale for 1/2 digit digital multimeters and other devices. The 2724A can also be operated in 2-wire mode. The 2724A features an easily viewed VFD display and has numeric key entry of the desired value. The CPR option permits ppm deviation from a cardinal point to be determined.
Provides over 10 million values ranging from 100u ohm to 11G ohm. Basic Accuracy: 7ppm with 2ppm stability. 2 or 4 terminal operation. RTD simulation. GP-IB compatable.

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