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Recorders & Plotters > Printers & Plotters > 4280A 1MHz C Meter / C-V Plotter by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

4280A 1MHz C Meter / C-V Plotter

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Product Description & Specs

Measures the capacitance and inductance of semiconductor devices and material as functions of applied voltage (C-V) or time (C-t). Consists of a precision 1MHz C-G meter, a programmable dc bias source, and accurate timing control. Frequency: 1MHz, ?0.01%. Measurement Range: C: 1fF to 1.9nF, G: 10nS to 12mS, with 0.1% basic accuracy. DC Bias: ?1.999V to ?100.0V with 1mV resolution.

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