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Computer Related Equipment > Data Acquisition > 2640A Netdaq Networked Data Acquisition Unit by Fluke

2640A Netdaq Networked Data Acquisition Unit

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Product Description & Specs

NetDAQ Data Acquisition Units give you a powerful combination of hardware and software that's ideal for small-to-medium scale process monitoring and test systems.
DC Volts Range: 90 mV to 150/300V, Resolution: .3?V to 1mV, Accuracy:
AC Volts Range: 300mV to 150/300V, Resolution: 10?V to 10mV, Accuracy: 0.3%.
Resistance Range: 300 ohm to 3 M ohm, Resolution: 10 m ohm to 100 ohm, Accuracy: 0.02%.
Frequency Range: 15 Hz to 1 MHz, Resolution: 0.01 Hz to 100 Hz, Accuracy: 0.05%.
RTD (Pt 100) Range: -200 to 600?C, Resolution: 0.03?C, Accuracy: 0.16?C.
Channel Capacity Analog inputs: 20, Computed channels: 10 Digital I/O & Alarm Outputs: 8 total, Totalizer: 1.
Scan Speed: Slow: 45 (50 Hz), 54 (60 Hz) channels/second nominal, Medium: 200 channels/second nominal; Fast: 1000 channels/second nominal.

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