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Analyzers > Curve Tracers and Parameter Analyzers > 20 Protrack 1 Station by Huntron

20 Protrack 1 Station

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Product Description & Specs

This system includes the Protrack model 20 unit with the Protrack Prober 1. This TSA instrument lets you set the voltage, resistance and frequency, to best match the characteristics you're testing for. At the same time, Huntron's exclusive STAR (Safe Tracker Active Range) feature eliminates the possibility of damaging a component by setting test parameters beyond its current limitations.
By testing a circuit with different combinations of voltage and resistance, you can view signatures for each of the components of the composite signature. The ProTrack I benchtop instrument lets you set and store 20 customized test groups, with four test ranges for each group. Connecting the Model 20 to a personal computer lets you create and store customized test ranges for an unlimited number of components and pins.

Create customized test routines for low-volume applications very quickly
Develop tests for inadequately documented printed circuit boards
Transfer test information between computers or locations
Store and rearrange component databases
Store up to ten individual models for each component
View test results immediately
Print and store test data for historical files.

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