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Generators > Signal Generators & Oscillators > SMHU58 RF Signal Generator 100KHz - 4320MHz +19dBm Outpu by Rohde & Schwarz

SMHU58 RF Signal Generator 100KHz - 4320MHz +19dBm Outpu

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Product Description & Specs

The SMHU58 Signal Generator can generate complex test signals for modern communications and radar systems. Its high versatility is based upon the great variety of modulation capabilities in conjunction with high spectral purity and frequency hopping.

The I/Q and the broadband AM/FM modulators make all digital and analog modulation modes for directional radio and satellite communications possible. Modern radio networks use digital modulation methods, for which the SMHU58 is ideally suited due to the high accuracy of its I/Q modulator.

For modulation using serial data signals, coders can be integrated for the necessary signal processing and filtering to relevant standards. The optional coders produce filtered analog signals from a serial data stream for driving the I/Q modulator. The accuracy of the resulting phase modulation meets all requirements placed on a reference signal for NADC, DECT, PDC, and GSM testing. The CDMA coder uses Qualcomm chips to generate standard channels.

Broadband FM can be used for fast FSK, analog sweeping, video modulation, and for generating chirp signals.

I/Q Modulator for Any Phase and Amplitude Modulation (PSK, QAM, ASK, etc.), Modulation Bandwidth DC to 200 MHz
Second, Coherent Carrier for Simple I/Q Demodulation
Broadband Amplitude Modulation for TV Applications
Broadband Frequency Modulation for Satellite Communications, Radar, and Video Applications
Optional Coders for Generating Modulating Signals for Digital Radio Networks to Relevant Standards (GSM, NADC, DECT, CDMA)
Frequency Hopping - 4800 Stored Frequency and Level Settings
Parallel Bus Interface for External Addressing of Memories
Setting Time <1 ms for Frequency-agile Systems
High Spectral Purity for Out-of-channel Measurements and LO Applications
High Output Power (+19 dBm)
High Carrier Frequency Accuracy and Drift-free FM DC for FSK and VCO Modes
Fast AM DC for Generating Level Bursts
RF, AF, Level, and Memory Sweeps for Automatic Test Runs

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