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Analyzers > Communications Analyzers > FM-AM-1600S Radio Communications Service Monitor by IFR Instruments

FM-AM-1600S Radio Communications Service Monitor

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Product Description & Specs

IFR / Aeroflex FM/AM-1600S Communications Service Monitor is a microprocessor controlled, digitally synthesized communication service monitor which combines the operations of many different test instruments into a single, compact unit. Functions the FM/AM-1600S is capable of performing include:
RF Generator
Spectrum Analyzer
Distortion Meter
Audio Frequency Meter
RF Power Meter
Signal Strength Meter
Phase Meter
Tracking Generator
Digital Radio Paging
Encode and Decode
AF Generator
Deviation (Peak) Meter
Frequency Error Meter
Modulation Meter
Bit Error Rate Meter
Deviation (RMS) Meter
Cable Fault Detector
Analog Radio Paging
Encode and Decode

The FM/AM-1600S utilizes an alphanumeric keypad, dedicated function keys, multitask "Soft" Function Keys and a high-resolution color CRT to display, enter and edit functions and data. Testing with this instrument can be done remotely or manually. The FM/AM-1600S can perform tests from pre-programmed setups or formats determined at the time of the test. Microprocessor controlled memory allows storage and recall of parameters for each of the testing modes as well as storage and recall of Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer traces for signal comparison.

FM AM 1600S

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