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AC Power Supplies > AC Sources > ACM3-350 3 Phase AC Power Source 1050 VA 135/270v 45-2500Hz by Behlman/Invar

ACM3-350 3 Phase AC Power Source 1050 VA 135/270v 45-2500Hz

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Product Description & Specs

The Behlman ACM3-350 is a Precision, High Quality AC Power Supply / Frequency Converter / Inverter for manually controlled applications. Applications requiring pure, clean AC power can rely on the Behlman's Frequency Converter / Inverter, ACM Series.
Typical 200% peak short-term current capability, up to 120% of rated current output for maximum of one half hour

100% rated power output available into any power factor load-unity tozero, leading or lagging

Electronic overload and short circuit protection with instantaneous automatic recovery when overload is removed

Very low EMI/RFI

Tight regulation and low distortion: ?.5% load regulation; ?.1% line regulation; ?.5% THD at rated output.

ACM3 350

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