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Oscilloscopes & Curve Tracers > Oscilloscopes Digital & Analog > TDS540B 1M-2F Digitizing Oscilloscope 500MHz 2GS/s 4-Channel by Tektronix

TDS540B 1M-2F Digitizing Oscilloscope 500MHz 2GS/s 4-Channel

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Product Description & Specs

Channels: 4 (TDS 540B). Samplers: 4 (TDS 540B). Bandwidth: 500 MHz. Sensitivity CH1, CH2: 1 mV to 10 V/div. CH3, CH4: 1 mV to 10 V/div. Maximum Sample Rate: Any One Channel: 2 GS/s. Any Two Channels:1 GS/s. Four Channels: 500 MS/s. Maximum Record Length: 50K pts. Time Base Range: 500 ps to 10 s/div. +/-25 ppm. Vertical Resolution: 8 bits (256 levels over 10.24 vertical divisions). >12 bits with HiRes; >11 Invert. Autosetup: Single button, automatic setup on selected input signal for vertical, horizontal and trigger systems. Options: 1M - add 130K/ch record Length on 1 channel; 2F - Extended waveform math; FFT, Integration, Differentiation.
InstaVuTM Acquisition (100,000 wfms/sec capture rate)
500 MHz bandwidth
Sample rates to 2 GS/s
2 and 4 input channels
Pulse width, 1 ns glitch, runt, pattern and state triggering
1 mV/div -10 V/div sensitivity
Infinite and variable persistence displays
Record lengths to 50,000 points (extendable to 250K on TDS 520B; 500K on TDS 540B)
8-bit vertical resolution and up to 12 bits with HiRes Acquisition Mode
3.5 inch DOS floppy disk drive (optional)
Vertical accuracy to 1%
Tek TriStarTM (DSP) processor
Slew Rate, Setup & Hold Violation triggers, and Time-out triggering
Waveform pass/fail testing
Dual Window Zoom
Channel Deskew
Direct Readout in "Amperes" and "Watts" (with P5200 and TCP202 Probes)
25 automatic measurements
Full GPIB programmability
Desktop publishing outputs
HDTV Video trigger option
Segmentable acquisition memory
VGA output

TDS540B 1M 2F

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