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Analyzers > Spectrum Analyzers > U3641 20-26-72-74 Portable Spectrum Analyzer 9KHz-3GHz by Advantest

U3641 20-26-72-74 Portable Spectrum Analyzer 9KHz-3GHz

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Product Description & Specs

The U3641 Spectrum Analyzer feature exceptional characteristics such as:
Frequency range: 9 kHz to 3 Ghz. Resolution bandwidth: 1 kHz to 3 MHz, 5 MHz in Zero span with option 26 100 Hz and 300 Hz. Phase noise - 100 dBc/Hz up to 3 GHz. Noise floor down to - 145 dBm at RBW 100 Hz and preamplifier on. Tracking generator 2.2 (2.7) GHz with option 74, output level -31 to 0 dBm in 1 dB steps. Input level +27 dBm. Size and weight: only 5.75"h x 11.375"w x 13.25"d(148mm x 291mm x 330mm) and 15.2 lbs(6.9kg). 6 inch(15.2cm) color LCD. Integrated preamplifier with a gain of >25 dB. Full dynamic range, eg for GSM pulse measurements. Two memory card drives to PCMCIA standard for saving measurement results and instrument setting. Installed options: 20-High stability referency; 26-Narrow RBW filters; 72-TV Demodulation; 74-Tracking Generator.

U3641 20 26 72 74

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