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Oscilloscopes & Curve Tracers > Oscilloscopes Digital & Analog > TDS784D 13-1F-HD-2M-2F Digital Oscilloscope BW 1GHz 4-Channels Sample Rat by Tektronix

TDS784D 13-1F-HD-2M-2F Digital Oscilloscope BW 1GHz 4-Channels Sample Rat

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Product Description & Specs

One GHz Digital Oscilloscope Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope that delivers a level of insight that makes dealing with complex signals elementary. Extensive user interface design makes the TDS784D truly intuitive to operate. Its familiar front panel layout offers dedicated vertical, horizontal and trigger controls. A graphical user interface with over 200 icons helps facilitate understanding and use of the advanced features. A color monitor helps rapidly distinguish between multiple waveforms and measurements. The DPO acquisition acquires over 1,000 times more data than traditional DSOs, allowing the capture of complex signals, reducing debugging times from hours to seconds. Channels can be transparently combined to achieve higher sample rates and longer record lengths. The record length can be optionally increased to 8 M points, providing a high-resolution representation of the signal over a long period of time. The TDS784D also provides wide dynamic range, flat response, fast overdrive recovery, calibrated DC offset, 1 mV/div sensitivity, 1 ns peak detect and internal calibration. 1 GHz Bandwidth Sample Rate to 4 GS/s 200,000 Maximum Waveform Capture Rate 4 Channels 1% Vertical Accuracy 8-Bit Vertical Resolution, Over 11 Bits with Averaging and Over 13 Bits with Hi-res 1 ns Peak Detect 1 mV/div to 10 V/div Sensitivity Channel Deskew Record Lengths to 8 M Points Floppy Disk Storage Iomega Zip and Zip Plus Drive Compatible Advanced Triggering 29 Automatic Measurements and Measurement Statistics FFT and Advanced Math Histograms Histogram Statistics Limit Test FastFrameT Time Stamp Communication Signal Analysis Including Mask Testing and SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel Optical Reference Receivers Full GPIB Programmability 3 Year Warranty CE Marking Applications Communication Compliance Testing Digital Design and Debug Jitter and Timing Analysis Fast Edge Characterization Video Design and Debug Disk Drive Measurements Power Measurements

TDS784D 13 1F HD 2M 2F

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