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Analyzers > Communications Analyzers > 8920B 001-004-006-014-051-102-103 RF Communication Test Set by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

8920B 001-004-006-014-051-102-103 RF Communication Test Set

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Product Description & Specs

The Agilent Technologies 8920B is a full-function test set based upon the Agilent 8920A design but with increased measurement speed, accuracy, and larger user memory (928 kbytes standard). The 8920B uses PCMCIA memory cards for data storage and radio test programs. The 8920B has the functionality, speed, and accuracy for testing land mobile radios, cellular telephones, and other communications systems while improving throughput and quality in manufacturing.

More than 20 complete instruments
Frequency range 250 kHz to 1000 MHz
Accuracy of stand-alone instruments
Flash ROM updates from front panel
Optional spectrum analyzer, tracking generator and adjacent channel power meter
Built-in IBASIC computer with PCMCIA format memory cards
001 High stability OCXO timebase
002 Spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and ACP
003 HP-IB/RS-232/dc Current Measurement
004 Tone/digital signaling encode/decode
006 10W to 50 micro Watt power meas range
007 1.2W low-level RF power measurements
010 400 Hz high pass filter
011 CCITT weighting filter
012 4 kHz bandpass filter
013 C-message weighting filter
014 6 kHZ bandpass filter
015 Standard Power Range (1mW to 60W)
016 High power input option: 100 Watts
020 Radio interface card
031 Delete handle and protective cover
051 Dual-mode rear panel connectors
055 Mechanical attenuator input(400kHz to 1GHz input)
0BK Manuals on both paper and CD-ROM
0BU Additional instrument BASIC manuals
102 Spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and ACP
103 HP-IB/RS-232/dc Current Measurement
1CM Rackmount kit
500 83201B opt 003 TDMA Cellular Adapter
800 83206A TIA/EIA-136 TDMA Cellular Adapter

8920B 001 004 006 014 051 102 103

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