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Generators > Signal Generators & Oscillators > 8904A 001-002 Function Synthesizer by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

8904A 001-002 Function Synthesizer

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Product Description & Specs

The Agilent 8904A multifunction synthesizer generates accurate sinewaves from 0 Hz to 600 kHz with 0.1 Hz resolution. The 8904A also has five other standard functions: square, triangle, ramp, from 0 Hz to 50 kHz plus dc, and Gaussian white noise. All waveform values in the 8904A are digitally calculated in real time by Agilent Technologies' Digital Waveform Synthesis IC yielding 12-bit digital accuracy. Full GPIB programmability is also included standard on the 8904A.

Sine to 600 kHz, square, ramp, triangle to 50 kHz
12 bit direct digital synthesis
Tone, DTMF, digital, Hop Ram sequence modes
One or two outputs
One to four internal channels
AM, FM, Phi-M, DSBSC, and pulse modulation
Unit to unit phase synchronization
Frequency Range: DC to 600KHz Sine wave; DC to 50KHz Square, Triangle, and Ramp. Resolution: 0.1Hz. Amplitude: 0 to 10Vp-p into 50 ohm. Spectral Purity: (THD+N) -63dBc rms(0.07%).
Options: 001-Adds 3 internal channels, channel A modulation, summation, FM stereo mode, and sequence capability..........$1450
002-Adds second internal synthesizer and output......$1050
003-Add fast hop and digital modulation..............$ 450
006-Changes channel 1 output from 50 ohm to 600 ohm balanced output.$ 675

8904A 001 002

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