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Analyzers > Network Analyzers > 8753C 002-006-010 Network Analyzer 300KHz-3GHz(6GHz) by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

8753C 002-006-010 Network Analyzer 300KHz-3GHz(6GHz)

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Product Description & Specs

High performance RF Network Analyzer covers 300KHz to 3GHz(6GHz with opt.006 and 85047A). Features include: Integrated 1 Hz resolution synthesized source, Direct save/recall to an external disk drive, Execute complex test procedures with the test sequence function, 100dB of dynamic range, Group delay and deviation from linear phase, 0.001dB, 0.01 deg, 0.01 nanosec marker resolution, built-in accuracy enhancement. Crisp color display.
002-Harmonic Measurement Capability
006-6GHz Receiver Option(requires 85047A)
010-Time Domain Capability

8753C 002 006 010

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