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DC Power Supplies > DC Power Supplies > 6645A J05 Programmable Power Supply 0 - 150 0 - 1.2A by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

6645A J05 Programmable Power Supply 0 - 150 0 - 1.2A

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Voltage: 150
Amperage: 1.2
VA: 200

Product Description & Specs

The Agilent 6645A-J05 is a special option that is added to the standard 6645A power supply.
The Agilent 6645A is one of the 664x series of 200 watt, single output, series pass regulated power supplies, with an internal GPIB interface and SCPI programming. These models provide many talker/listener functions including remote programming of voltage and current with feedback of actual measured output values. 16 supplies can be connected to one GPIB interface via a serial link connection.

Specification differences between the 6645A-J05 and the standard 6645A are listed below. More details are available upon request.

Output rating: 150 V, 1.2 A (at 40 ?C)
Output current 1.0A at 55 ?C
Programming accuracy: 0.06% + 65mV, 0.15% + 1.7mA
Measurement accuracy: 0.07% + 100mV
Ripple and noise: 0.9mV rms. 9mV p-p, 1mA rms
Load regulation: 7mV
Line regulation: 2.5mV

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