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DC Power Supplies > DC Programmable Supplies > 66311B Mobile Communications DC Source 15v 3a by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

66311B Mobile Communications DC Source 15v 3a

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Voltage: 15
Amperage: 3
VA: 45

Product Description & Specs

The Agilent 66311B mobile communications DC source provides fast transient, exceptional sourcing, and precision measurement. This product is specially designed for testing digital wireless communications products. The 66311B mobile communications DC source offers a new capability to automatically detect open sense connections. This new feature is an Agilent proprietary technology that helps test engineers avoid improper remote voltage settings and guarantees correct calibration of charger circuitry of the device-under test.

5 A peak current sourcing for next generation data transmission formats
Excellent transient voltage response characteristics prevent test interruptions due to triggering low voltage phone shutdown
Up to 2.8 A current sinking to test built-in battery chargers
Fast transient response, rapid command processing, and high speed output programming time maximize manufacturing test throughput
Low power supply output noise assures less interference with phone operations
Precision ?A measurement for "sleep mode" characterization
Dynamic current pulse measurements for battery loading information
Precision voltage measurement for accurate tracking of charger voltage levels
Automatically detects open sense wire connections

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