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DC Power Supplies > Electronic Loads > DLR400-15-2500A Electronic Laod 3-400v 0-15a 2500 Wattatt by Transistor Devices

DLR400-15-2500A Electronic Laod 3-400v 0-15a 2500 Wattatt

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Product Description & Specs

Basic load functions of resistive loading and constant current loading
Constant voltage is also provided for battery simulation

Operating Voltage: 30-400V
Load Current: 0-15A
Maximum Power: 2500W
Resistance Ranges: 0-.03 A/V; 0-.1 A/V
Constant Current Ranges: 0-3A; 0-15A
Program Input: 0-6V @ 1mA
Constant Voltage: 0-400V
Overvoltage: 500V max
Current Limit: 20A max
Power Limit: 3000W max

DLR400 15 2500A

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