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Meters > DMM's > 34135A DMM DC Coupled Current Probe by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

34135A DMM DC Coupled Current Probe

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Product Description & Specs

The Agilent 34135A is a clamp-on probe for measuring high current electrical systems. It can handle single cables up to 1.18 inches in diameter and dual cables up to 0.95 inches. It has proportional mV output for direct readings on multimeters, recorders, loggers and other instruments accepting banana plugs.

Measurement range: AC: 1 to 400 A peak
Measurement range: DC: 1 to 600 A
Minimum instrument input resistance: 100 k&omega
Frequency range: DC to 10 kHz at -3 dB
Output signals: 1 mV/A
Accuracy: 1 to 100 A: 1.5% +1 A
Accuracy: 100 to 400 A: 2%
Accuracy: 400 to 600 A (DC only): 2.5%:
Termination: right angle shrouded banana plugs
Length: 1.5 meters

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