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Oscilloscopes & Curve Tracers > Oscilloscopes Digital & Analog > TDS220 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope 2-Channel 1GS/s by Tektronix

TDS220 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope 2-Channel 1GS/s

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Product Description & Specs

100 MHz with 1 GS/s Sample Rate on all Channels
2 Channel
Dual Timebase
Automatic Measurements
Multi-language User Interface
Waveform and Setup Memories
Extended Capabilities Are Provided with Optional Modules, Software and Probing
Sensitivity (with calibrated fine adjustment) -
2 mV to 5 V/div (bandwidth limited to 20 MHz at 2 mV/div and 5 mV/div, in all modes, and 20 MHz at 10 mV/div in Peak Detect mode).
Vertical Zoom -
Vertically expand or compress a live or stopped waveform.
Calibrated Position Range
Volts/Div Setting Offset Range
2 mV to 200 mV/div ?2 V
>200 mV to 5 V/div ?50 V
DC Gain Accuracy - ?3%. (?4% at 2 mV/div and 5 mV/div).
Vertical Resolution - 8-Bit (256 levels over 10.24 vertical divisions).

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