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DC Power Supplies > DC Power Supplies > SN500-122 Digital Power Supply Programer 2 Channel 12 Bit-P by Kepco

SN500-122 Digital Power Supply Programer 2 Channel 12 Bit-P

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Product Description & Specs

Parallel Input: The SN 500 uses data buses having bit-parallel data transfer. Sixteen bits control one channel; two additional bits add a second full channel.
Isolation: The SN Series programmers incorporate optical isolation (up to 1000 Volts d-c), so they may be used to control floating power supplies.
Channels: The SN 500 offers a choice of single or dual channel operation. Each channel is completely isolated from the other so that they can be used to drive independent instruments (e.g., voltage setting and current limiting in an ATE Power Supply). Both channels obtain their data through a single input connector. Addressing is used to select which channel responds. Both single and dual channels models are stocked; however, a single channel model can be converted to a dual channel model by adding the SN612 or SN603 board.
Polarity: The SN 500 provides a means of controlling positive or negative polarity. This feature is useful when the programmer controls a bipolar power supply such as Kepco's Series BOP.
Range: The SN 500 provides a means of controlling range over a 10:1 ratio. This is accomplished by a programmable attenuator. The "high" range provides a 0 to ?10V analog output; the "low" range provides a 0 to ?1V analog output.
Data Coding: Data format is hexadecimal or decimal; the SN 500 accepts 16 lines of TTL logic.
Resolution: 3-bit BCD (decimal) is 1 part in 999 (0.1%). 12 bit binary (hexadecimal) is 1 part in 4095 (0.024%).
Data Form:
12 bit data
1 bit range
1 bit polarity
1 bit strobe
1 bit channel select
The two-channel models require two additional "bits," one for the range, one for the polarity of the second channel.
Timing: The transfer time for the SN 500 is 30 microseconds.

SN500 122

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