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DC Power Supplies > DC Power Supplies > DHP80-250 Power Supply 0-80v 0-250a 208VAC 3ph Switcher by Sorensen

DHP80-250 Power Supply 0-80v 0-250a 208VAC 3ph Switcher

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Voltage: 80
Amperage: 250
VA: 20000

Product Description & Specs

Voltage, Current, and Ripple:0-80, 0-250, 25mV
Regulation (Line or Load)
Voltage: 0.1% of maximum rated output
Current: 0.5% of maximum rated output
Transient Response: 2 ms to steady state output voltage (within 2% of Vmax) for 30% step load change (slower response in paralleled systems)
Stability: ?0.05% maximum rating per 8 hours after a 30 minute warm-up time at fixed line, load and temperature
Efficiency: 80% minimum at full load
Temperature Coefficient: 0.02%/?C of rated output voltage; 0.03%/?C of rated output current

Standard Voltage and Frequency
2-3 kW: 190-253 VAC, 47-63 Hz, single phase, 2-wire plus ground
5-15 kW and 16-30 kW: 190-253 VAC, 47-63 Hz, three phase, 3-wire plus ground, Delta or Wye input may be used (Wye does not require the neutral connection)

Operating Temperature: 0?C to +50?C, no derating
Storage Temperature: -20?C to 70?C
Cooling: Internal fan
Front Panel Controls: Keypad to select/adjust voltage, current and power with non-volatile memories to store commonly used parameters
Displays and Indicators: Back lit LCD alphanumeric display and LEDs
Built-in Protection: Overcurrent, overtemperature, brown out, turn on surge limit, slow start, overvoltage (OVP resettable without recycling power)

DHP80 250

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