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Analyzers > AC Power Analyzers & Monitors > 808 Electric Power/Demand Analyzer by Dranetz

808 Electric Power/Demand Analyzer

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Product Description & Specs

Microprocessor based unit measures and records, with digital display, single phase or 3-phase, Y or DELTA, V, A, KW, PF, KVA, KVAR, demand, time, and date. Requires CT's or ct terminations.
Performs the following measurements on individual phased and full WYE and DELTA three-phase configurations : Volts, Amps, KW, KWH, PF, KVA, KVAR, demand, time and date.
Prints all significant data at the end of each day or at operator's command.
Dynamic data display for continuous reading of any variable.
Connects to standard PT's, CT's, and pulse generating electric meters.
Measures demand on operator-selected fixed of sliding intervals .
Prints up to four highest demands on daily and month-to-date basis; can be internally or externally synchronized.
Prints all demands exceeding operator-set threshold values.
Prints brownout data whenever voltage drops below pre-set level.
Optional communications capability enables remote operation for low cost energy management.

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