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AC Power Supplies > AC Sources > BL1350C-2-I AC Power Source 1350 VA 45-500Hz 135-270VAC by Behlman/Invar

BL1350C-2-I AC Power Source 1350 VA 45-500Hz 135-270VAC

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Product Description & Specs

Behlman's BL1350 AC Power Supply / Frequency Converter / Inverter, requires just 3.5" of rack height, and weighs just 40 pounds, yet it delivers 1350 VA of quality AC power. In the BL 1350, you'll find the quality features you expect from Behlman, fully adjustable frequency and voltage, total harmonic distortion of less then 0.5%, high efficiency, plus excellent line and load regulation. There's also a unique overload protection system that folds back the voltage to maintain maximum rated current without output wave form distortion and analog remote control. For rack mounted or bench top power, no AC source combines small size, high efficiency and low cost like the Behlman BL Series.

*1350VA in a 3.5" chassis under 45 pounds
*Parallelable for additional power or for 3 phase output
*Unique overload protection prevents output distortion
*Remote DC programming for voltage and frequency
*True RMS readout of voltage and current
*Low cost without compromising features or performance

Variable 400Hz, 60Hz, 50Hz Power
Variable output Frequency 45 - 500Hz
Dual Output Range
Power Factor Corrected version available
Parallel wiring option for 2 or 3 units.
3 phase wiring option for 3 units.
CE Mark Available.
Communication options.
Complete Range of Standard Input and Output

BL1350C 2 I

E-mail or call us at 800-582-8378 for more information.

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