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EMI/RFI Analyzers & Antennas > EMC Receivers > 3303 Passive Monopole Rod Antenna 1KHz to 30MHz by Emco - ETS - Lindgren

3303 Passive Monopole Rod Antenna 1KHz to 30MHz

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Product Description & Specs

The Model 3303 is a passive broadband electric field monopole transmitting antenna that has a frequency range of 1KHz to 30MHz. It features manual bandswitching between 0.001-5MHz and 5 - 30MHz. The Maximum power handled by model 3303 is 1KW. The transmitting rod is stainless steel and is adjustable from 50.8cm(20") to 104cm(41"). The base is an aluminum housing which contains the bandswitching mechanism ans a female N connector. It may also be used as a passive receive antenna.

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