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DC Power Supplies > High Voltage Sources > 210-30R High Voltage Power Supply 0-30KV 0-4.5mA Reversibl by Bertan

210-30R High Voltage Power Supply 0-30KV 0-4.5mA Reversibl

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Voltage: 30000
Amperage: 0.0045
VA: 1.5

Product Description & Specs

Spellman's Bertan brand of 210 Series of 125 to 225 watt high voltage power supplies provide regulated high voltage outputs from 1 to 50kV. The low noise, linear topology employed results in extremely low output ripple specifications. Units are inherently reversible by design, providing either positive or negative output polarity. The 210 is fully arc and short circuit protected. Excellent regulation specifications are featured along with outstanding stability.
Output: 0 to 2kV 0 to 100mA
Ripple: 100mV
Voltage Regulation:
Line: ?0.001% of rated output voltage over specified input voltage range
Load:?0.005% of rated output voltage for a full load change
Current Regulation:
Internally set to limit at 105% of rated current at full output voltage. Maximum output current at any other voltage setting must be derated linearly down to 30%

210 30R

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