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Analyzers > Curve Tracers and Parameter Analyzers > 371A High Power Programmable Curve Tracer by Tektronix

371A High Power Programmable Curve Tracer

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Product Description & Specs

The 371A, the industry leader in high power curve tracers, is used for testing a wide variety of power semiconductors. It performs DC parametric characterization of thyristors, SCRs and power MOSFETs.

The high voltage collector mode permits testing the Off-characteristics of a device up to 3,000 volts. The pulsed high current collector mode provides output current pulses greater than 400 amps peak for testing On-characteristics. It also permits high power testing up to 3,000 watts.

Features & Benefits
High?Power Measurements of Semiconductor Devices
Up to 3,000 Volts
Up to 400 Amps
Up to 3,000 Watts
Waveform Comparison
Envelope Display
Waveform Averaging
Kelvin Sense Measurements
Fully Programmable
3.5?Inch MS DOS?Compatible Disk Storage to Quickly Save and Recall Setups

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