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Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D) > Hipots > SENTRY 10 PLUS AC Hipot Tester 50V to 5KVAC 1uA to 20mA by Quadtech

SENTRY 10 PLUS AC Hipot Tester 50V to 5KVAC 1uA to 20mA

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Product Description & Specs

The Sentry 10 Plus AC Hipot Tester (CE Mark) performs AC dielectric withstand (hipot) tests. The test voltage is programmable from 50V to 5kV AC with a resolution of 1V. The current range is 1?A to 20mA.
Program & Display Ground Continuity: The Sentry Plus Series can measure and display the resistance between the ground blade of the power cord and any exposed metal on the product.
Meets UL Hipot Tester Requirements: The Sentry Plus instruments measure & display the output voltage directly at the output terminals. The instruments have both visual and audible failure indications, and after a failure the STOP switch must be pressed prior to another measurement.
*AC Hipot Voltage 50 to 5000V, Output Current to 20mA
*Programmable Ground Continuity Check, 0.1 to 5ohms
*Programmable Ramp, Test, and Fall Times
*Fast Cutoff and Discharge of Device Under Test
*Programmable Hi/Lo Limits for Pass/Fail Testing
*Large LCD Display for Menu Programming and Test Results
*Internal Storage and Recall of 80 Test Setups
*Ground Fault Interrupt Shutdown for Operator Safety
*Front and Rear Panel Output Connections
*Front Panel Lockout Prevents Changes to the Test Setup
*Automatic Offset to Zero Out Stray Leakage Current
*Instruments Upgradeable, Sentry 10 to 20 to 30
*3mA Current Limit per EN50191
*UL Listed and CE Marked

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