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DC Power Supplies > DC Programmable Supplies > BOP20-5M 4882 Programmable Bipolar DC Power Supply ±20V ±5A GPIB by Kepco

BOP20-5M 4882 Programmable Bipolar DC Power Supply ±20V ±5A GPIB

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Voltage: 20
Amperage: 20
VA: 100
Prog: 120/220VAC

Product Description & Specs

BOP, while fully rated power supplies, are also high-powered operational amplifiers with full 4-quadrant, bipolar operation. Their output is capable of both sustained d-c and the replication of arbitrary a-c waveforms. In Kepco's BOP, the voltage and current outputs can be controlled smoothly and linearly through the entire rated plus and minus ranges, passing smoothly through zero with no polarity switching. BiPolar ? 20Vdc at 5 Amp
Voltage channel closed loop gain:2.0 V/V
Current channel closed loop gain:.5 A/V
Voltage mode output impedance 80 micro-ohms
Current mode output impedance: 40 kohm shunt

BOP20 5M 4882

E-mail or call us at 800-582-8378 for more information.

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