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Analyzers > Communications Analyzers > FM-AM-1200S 2-10 Service Monitor with DVM, DTMF Decoder & .05ppm TX by IFR Instruments

FM-AM-1200S 2-10 Service Monitor with DVM, DTMF Decoder & .05ppm TX

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Product Description & Specs

Multi-function, microprosser controlled, portable unit combines spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, digital VFD and analog displays for monitoring radio applications. Functions: Signal generator; 250KHz to 1GHz, -127 to -20dBm, AM/FM. Receiver; 100KHz to 1GHz, 2uV sensitivity, AM/FM/SSB. Spectrum Analyzer: 1 to 1000MHz; 70dB dynamic range. Duplex Generator; seperate transmit/receive lines. Oscilloscope; 1MHz. RF Power Meter; 15/150 watts (50w continuous). Options: 2=.05ppm OCXO Time Base; 10=Digital Voltmeter and DTMF Decoder

FM AM 1200S 2 10

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