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DC Power Supplies > Electronic Loads > N3302A Electronic Load Module 150 Watt 0-60V 0-30A by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

N3302A Electronic Load Module 150 Watt 0-60V 0-30A

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Product Description & Specs

The Agilent N3302A is a 150 W (0-30A, 0-60V) electronic load module for use in either the N3300A or N3301A electronic load mainframe in system applications. The N3302A load module is fast and accurate, for programming in constant current, constant voltage, or constant resistance modes, or for making voltage, current or power measurements. The N3302A can also digitize waveforms.
Input Ratings
*Current: 0 - 30 A
*Voltage: 0 - 60 V
*Maximum Power: 150 W
Constant Current Mode
*Low Range/High Range: 3 A/30 A
*Regulation: 10 mA
*Low Range Accuracy: 0.1% + 5 mA
*High Range Accuracy: 0.1% + 10 mA
Constant Voltage Mode
*Low Range/High Range: 6 V/60 V
*Regulation: 5 mV
*Low Range Accuracy: 0.1% + 3 mV
*High Range Accuracy: 0.1% + 8 mV
Constant Resistance Mode
*Range 1 (I >10% of current rating): 0.067-4 ?
*Range 2 (I >1% of current rating): 3.6-40 ?
*Range 3 (I >0.1% of current rating): 36-400 ?
*Range 4 (I >0.01% of current rating): 360-2000 ?

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